While artificial thttp://home.comcast.net/~jocalderwood/index.htmlurf can be commonly found on lawns, atop roofs, and spread across athletic fields one can find it canvassed at art museums as well! Jamie Calderwood, an artist and trained landscape architect from Brooklyn, used Perfect Turf® to create pieces of art such as the “Rolling Green Bench,” “The Cube,” and the “Green Wave Bench.” This work can be seen outside of the Boston Center for the Arts as well as the Provincetown Art Museum in Massachusetts. Calderwood states that “Public art comes in many different forms, and one form that I find particularly exciting is urban street furniture. These unique, but functional objects push the boundaries of art, design, and public ownership. When people are lying in the saddle between the hill forms they are, if only for a moment, in possession of their own real estate.”  Calderwood’s work explores the relationship between the architectural imagination and the natural/cultural landscape. For more info on Calderwood’s pieces, check out his website www.jamiecalderwood.com.