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We went from never using my backyard to always using my backyard. My kids and I play out there for hours now. -Mike Mages

We wanted to develop our unused side yard and solve some drainage issues at the same time. We dreamed of a putting green but also wanted to be able to chip onto the green from the fringe. No other product we found would allow for chipping. Either they didn’t have a nice fringe or the greens were too hard and a chip would just bounce off. Tom at Perfect Turf addressed all of our concerns and the bounce of a chip and the roll of a putt are true. In addition, the landscaping and brick and stone patio they installed made the whole area a beautiful addition to our property. This side yard has gone from one we never wanted to look at to one where we want to spend all of our free time. -Carolyn & Rich Excell

There are no negatives to Perfect Turf, it’s all positive, do it! -John K.

The crew at PerfectPuttingGreens proved to be exactly who I needed to make this dream project a reality. Dave became a friend I’ve yet to meet, patiently helping me plan and research and revise endlessly. The guidance he provided gave me the courage to tackle this project 2000 miles away from Illinois, and reaching him and Tom was always just a phone call away, day or night. In addition, the product quality and pricing proved outstanding on the market, and Dave made sure I received the best deal he could work out. A successful project like this takes a partnership from start to finish and you couldn’t ask for a better resource than these guys. -Greg Grillo, Washington state

Perfect Turf AnimalTurf 48 has been a life saver for our one dog that is allergic to grass and the other 7 dogs have a blast playing/running on it as well. -Sandra B.

I really like the way that Dave made me feel when I approached him with questions regarding turf! He was a very knowledgable individual and very willing to help me regardless of which direction I went when ordering turf. Great guy! -Mike Hollis

The day after we got the puppy there were terrible rainstorms and drenching downpours! I have to say having Perfect Turf was a godsend as there was no mud etc. to deal with and Logan took right to going to the bathroom where he is supposed to. I love the ease of clean up and my neighbors all love how it looks. I told my husband that the cost of the turf just paid for itself because if we had had rocks in the run or just grass it would have been a muddy, stony mess for 2+ days and we literally had nothing tracked into the house or garage…Logan had diarrhea the first few weeks and clean up was really easy with the turf! Great customer service- I definitely give Perfect Turf a thumbs up! -Lynn

Installed your Perfect Turf™ PetGrass at our facility. The dogs and the staff all love the turf!! Your service was amazing!! -Stacy


The dogs absolutely love the turf. The staff is so impressed with the ease of cleanup. The volunteers just stand and watch the dogs lounging in the sun on their new yards….It was the best decision ever made to put turf in the village runs. It looks and feels great!! The installation and the turf have been flawless. There has been no attempt from any of the 10 dogs to dig, chew, and tear up any of the turf I can’t wait to get the funding for the exercise runs and common area’s to install more Perfect Turf…

You have made a very Merry Christmas for many dogs and volunteers. -Wendy

The turf and order was PERFECT!!!Product installed beautifully. Thank you, we will order more in the near future. -Gary Zimnoch

Its so amazing. Every day I come home I feel so awesome. – Lew A.

I was a college student without a summer job, so I got the crazy idea to replace our old swingset with a putting green/driving range area. I had no experience at all with turf installation, but Dave and Matt in Elk Grove Village, IL walked me through the entire process. They were extremely nice and always available if I had any questions. The final product turned out great and my golf-crazed family now has a convenient place to practice. -Matt Michaels

In the spring of 2011, my wife and I decided to have some pet turf installed in our backyard dog run for our boxer and English bulldog. After researching a few turf companies, we decided on Perfect Turf as the best all around choice for quality, price, and service. We were so impressed by their product that we also decided to have them install a 15×25 ft. putting green. Our sales person Dustin not only came out to give us a quote, he also did much of the installation! Even one of the co-owners, Tom, came out and helped the crew! Needless to say,we’re ecstatic with our dog run. It’s easy to keep clean, the dogs love it, and best of all, they no longer track in any mud! The putting green has also been a popular addition to my yard. Family and friends love to come over for a little friendly competition! Weather permitting, I’m out there almost every day. I’ve also cut a few strokes off my golf game with all the practice that I’m able to get! -Rod Marino

I had a 1200 square foot dog park installed in a residential high-rise and think it’s great, I love it. I was very impressed with the customer service and the amount of preparation they put into the project before the grass was installed.-Dan M.

Installation was great, punctual, and professional. The product was amazing it turned a muddy side yard, into a great play and exercise area. The dogs never came in the house again with muddy feet. The product performed exactly as we hoped. We would highly recommend the product and this installer.-Ken A.

I love the turf. I had a play area installed in the yard for my dogs. They absolutely LOVE it. -Donna M.

We use it for a dog run and have had it for almost 3 years. Besides one loose thread, we have had no issues whatsoever. The dogs love it and it hoses clean really easy. -Susan O.

So far, so good. We had it installed over a year ago and it’s great. We have a 12 lb. dog and it’s easy to clean and pick up the poop. We are really happy about it. It was a great install and they were very professional.-Mike R.

We have a dog run and it works fine. It was easy to lay, no problems. I like the look of it and it holds up well. -Dee R.

We installed it in a property that I now rent and it looks great. It was painless and not a big deal. It was quick- no mess, no fuss. It was in and out which I like. -Chris

The turf may be more work than gravel but it looks much nicer. I use it as an indoor play area for dogs. It looks really great and is very clean, I get a lot of compliments on it. -Caroline R.

The turf is great, the install was quick and even after three years it looks new! Clean the leaves off with a broom, it’s that easy! -Jerry & Linda

We have a small area for the dogs and they love it. There is no more dirt for the dogs to dig in! There has not been that much wear and tear either.- Joan R.

Perfect Turf did a great job of leveling out the uneven area on the back of the yard, raising it up 6″ in places which took out the inconsistency with sod, now the dogs have stable playing ground. The install went quick, Perfect Turf had planned everything out in advance so it was a quick process.  I have two dogs of my own plus other dogs come over; it’s turned into a gathering place for the dogs in the neighborhood. It’s holding up great with all that traffic. There is no smell at all. The turf has held up through two years really well with two dogs, clean up is very easy. It’s fantastic. -Steve S.


The salesperson I dealt with was very professional and helpful. When a problem arose with my dogs lifting up the turf, he came out right away and fixed it. The yard was so chewed up by my dogs before getting Perfect Turf, now there are no problems! – Patricia S.

We are very happy with our turf. It was a good install by Dustin and went very fast. Since the install we have added a large swing set on top and it’s been working great. We have no complaints and it’s been two years and still good as new. –Kevin S.

The Turf is wonderful, I love it. I have a fenced in dog run and it’s easy to clean, always looks good, it’s very durable, and has held up perfectly thought the winter. It hoses up really nice and the dog (who is a digger) hasn’t done any damage. It essentially costs nothing for maintenance and is a great alternative to grass and fertilizer with the dog. -Kathy M.

The grass is still green, not growing so I don’t have to cut it and it looks great. I did it myself and it was remarkably easy.  -Ted V.

Perfect Turf was great throughout the whole process. I had turf installed in a Garage Rooftop about a year ago and its holding up great. The installation went very smoothly. –Tony B. from Cityscape

We had turf installed in our yard and its holding up great. Part of it is in partial sun and part is in full sun, it is exposed to oak trees as well and it’s holding up great. LOTS of people ask about it and want to know more about artificial turf. The installation process went good, even though we have a difficult lawn to install in because of the shape. –John B

When we designed our new home, we wanted to integrate a “pet area’ into the yard, off of our deck, up against a corner of the house. We consulted with Perfect Turf and then stopped by their facility to purchase a sample. Our two Yorkies took to it immediately. We have found the Pet Turf to be easy to maintain and the ability to let our pets out within the safety of our deck area has given us peace of mind. We’re pleased to recommend it.-Jim and Nancy B.

I used Perfect Turf’s artificial turf for a public sculptural project in an exhibit for Boston Center for the Arts, it was great. I’ve had a couple of artificial turf benches on display in galleries and people love it because it really looks like natural grass. -Jamie Calderwood

I’ve had the turf for two years, it looks just like it was put down. The durability is good, no fading, and it’s not getting stringy- really no complaints at all! –Michael C.

Getting a personal putting green in the side of my yard was a great investment. It’s brought my handicap down to 0! It’s very good and I would recommend it for anybody, it keeps your yard looking good year round. –Ray C.

Since we had the turf installed we have had nothing but good things said about it by friends and family. They love how I sectioned the yard off from the dogs and created a playground section which my son calls his “play land.” The dogs have their side of the yard with the turf also and they treat it like grass and the best thing is no muddy paws. The other plus is we can walk outside with no shoes and socks and not worry about the dog mess. We also have family members that are allergic to grass. With the pet turf they can play all day with no reactions. Thanks Perfect Turf, we look forward to finishing the rest of the yard with your product. -Paul B.

Every day I wake up grateful that I bought Perfect Turf! While I was at the Illinois Kennel Club show two years ago I checked out the turf, got a card and had it installed a couple of months later. After two years its held up well- I have two German shepherds and it’s easy to clean up, it looks good, and maintenance is easy. We are very pleased to have it. -Ronald D.

Buying artificial grass from Perfect Turf has eliminated constant summer maintenance and it makes a beautiful lawn year round. – Terry G

We had Perfect Turf install a dog run for us. The turf has held up great. Clean up is simple as droppings dry easier sitting higher up on the turf. There’s never been any odor or problem. Here’s a picture of Penny, our mini schnauzer enjoying “Penny Lane”- her dog run with Perfect Turf.-Debbie G.

We purchased Perfect Turf for our small, but loved, back yard. We could not get grass to grow back there due to our dogs and the heat. We live in Northern Nevada where winter is as harsh as summer. The grass is amazing! The dogs love it too. It is such a nice GREEN touch to our home. I recommend it 100%.-Darci Ayers

I am so happy with my Perfect Turf dog deck!-Susan Y.