Pool Surrounds

Perfect Turf® Pool Surrounds, Making your yard and your pool look PERFECT!

Here are some great reasons to use Perfect Turf® around your pool:

  1. No grass clippings in your pool!
    No mowing means no grass clippings. Your filters will be cleaner, and your pool water will be clear.
  2. It’s much easier to maintain than natural grass.
    No mowing, no weeding, no fertilizer, no dead spots due to the chlorine… just green grass all year long. Chlorine will not affect Perfect Turf®.
  3. You have many choices of turf to match your yard and preferences.
    From Perfect Turf® that matches your lawn to different colored turf to match most designs, we’ll be sure to have a choice of turf you’ll love.
  4. It’s safer than tile or concrete.
    A Perfect Turf® pool surround will not become as dangerously slick as wet tile or concrete and will provide 15 years of economical and beautiful service to any pool owner.

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