Perfect Turf ® versus natural grass.


Every year salt and pollution kills new sod and leaves a median full of dirt patches and weeds. Most months of the year, even the weeds don’t grow! Village managers have few choices. They could add an expensive irrigation system, but that still means costly maintenance, frequent road closures for mowing and extensive water usage. They could completely cover the medians with cement, but that is costly and certainly not attractive. Perfect Turf ® Road Medians offers the best low-maintenance, low-cost solution. They can typically be installed for less than the cost of cement, yet they look like a just-cut, lush lawn and require only minimal maintenance for the next 15 years!
As part of a case study project, Hanover Park Village Managers worked with Perfect Turf to develop a business case around the decision to use Perfect Turf ® versus natural grass in medians.


When Mike Mages, the owner of DrGraphx in Chicago, looked at his 5’ by 100’ strip of parkway outside his business each morning, what he saw was a weed-filled mud pit that he had to pay someone to “maintain” each week!  He thought there had to be a better solution; that’s when he found Perfect Turf ®.  Instead of paying $20/week for a lawn service to keep the weeds low enough so as not to get fined by the city, he paid Perfect Turf ® a one-time fee to install synthetic turf.  Over three years later, he has not had a single expense related to his grass. “Some of my employees were very against the idea of putting artificial grass down,” says Mike. “Their opinions changed when they saw the final product and are now asking when we are putting it on the roof!”

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