Commercial Turf Uses

Perfect Turf For Commercial Use Looks Great And Saves Money

Here are the top reasons why Perfect Turf® is the perfect solution for commercial properties:

1. Return on Investment – a Perfect Turf® lawn will pay for itself three times over during its life. No mowing, no watering, no weeding or fertilizing, it all adds up to huge savings!

2. First Impressions – every business, whether a restaurant or a real estate office or office building wants to make a good first impression on its customers. With a Perfect Turf® lawn you are assured of your customers and prospective customers being greeted by a beautiful lawn, with no weeds, no dead spots, no sprinklers getting them wet, just a Perfect lawn.

3. Quiet and Professional – ever try to conduct a conference call when the landscapers show up and start mowing the lawn.  Between the lawn mowers, the edgers and the blowers, it’s hard to think, much less carry on a conference call. With a Perfect Turf® lawn your employees or tenants will never be interrupted by those sounds again.

4. Environmentally-friendly – whether you are building a “green” certified building and looking to add LEED points with Perfect Turf® or just want to reduce your organization’s carbon footprint, Perfect Turf® is the solution.  With no air pollution from lawn mowers, no fresh water usage for irrigation and no fertilizers, pesticides or weed killer chemicals being put into the ground, Perfect Turf® is the environmentally-friendly solution for attractive  commercial landscaping.

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